The heart of every 21st Century manufacturing company is its Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing systems, and Geometric have embraced that concept for over 25 years.


Geometric's heritage includes being the first user of the world renowed PEPS part programming system, starting with the first implementations of this software running on mini-computers in the mid-1980s.


PEPS remains at the core of our operations, capable of importing all of the widely used CAD system files in their native format, including 3D models, as well as all the industry standard exchange formats such as DXF and IGES.


The capabilities of PEPS coupled with the "power-user" status of our expert programming staff enable Geometric to tackle complex projects.




Additionally we utilise Autodesk Inventor which gives us 3D CAD capability to assist customers with their design requirements and to add additional file translation options.


Integrated with Inventor we operate the full 3D machining module HSM, giving us even more options when it comes to preparing NC programs for our machines. Incorporating all the latest adaptive pocketing, and many 3D milling strategies, this development keeps us at the cutting edge of machining technology.

Integrated CADCAM